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This maybe my last post on this blog, I haven't decided yet but it's a very real possibility.

With the Internet becoming increasingly social media based and my hatred for the virtue signaling on it I decided to try an old haunt and see what people lurked my old haunt I could make friends with without dealing with social media. The problem was I forgot how much I have changed and demographics, which is rather amusing considering how I look at the world.

When I put up add me posts on communities I made sure to say I was a right wing libertarian, which is basically the step before the alt right and something people can understand as opposed to that term. I figure this would act as a filter and keep people out who I didn't want to invest time in. What happened instead was that I attracted people who were curious but degenerate. People going "Hey I'm open minded but I want to be a bisexual meth addict and that's okay because I won't evaluate myself and alter my behaviour". Quite frankly, I don't want to invest time in that sort of person, it's a waste of my time to be repulsed reading blog posts and I see no reason to get into a slap fight on a blog site. I have better things to do and I'm not improving as a person or changing any one's mind.

This is why I'm considering moving my thoughts to a wordpress site and turning it into a full time Alt right blog. If you do not reject degenerate behaviour then you approve of it, there is simply no other option, it's a simple black and white issue. Anything you do not oppose you support by proxy of inaction to prevent it. If I'm hanging around a bunch of degenerate cat ladies trying to rekindle when they were 16 but having all the flaws of a washed up slut then what does that say about me? I am better than that, the past is the past and we must move forward. The person who enjoyed live journal is dead, the people who remain on live journal are intolerable to me now, the only way forward is to admit this and explore other options.
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I'm craving something new. I'm burned out on my current hobbies and I want to find something new to invest time in. I'm not sure what yet and I've searched before and came up wanting every time I do. Part of me is seriously considering getting into hobbyist robotics, just make cool little spiders and shit.. I think it would be rewarding and challenging but I've not done so yet.

I found out where the wargaming group is moving the club to and it's on the opposite side of the town. That's another 10 minutes on the journey which is too much for me. I guess that's my idea of a fun time over. Although I did just discover another store I went to holds a games night every few weeks.. HMMM
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It's another one of those days where I just sit arguing on the Internet and consuming information.. I need to stop, this isn't constructive but I'm a knowledge whore and I'll feed myself until I die..

This is a really interesting article on Social matters It's discussing equality as a form of sexual market value. The guy writes Party to Kill (or Kill to Party) which is a blog about pop culture viewed through an alt right lens. I find him fascinating and I'm glad to see more sex realism. One sticking point I often have is people want to discuss racial differences and then hand wave sex differences. Ultimately everything comes down to mating strategy, we have to understand this and work within it.

Also I'm amazingly sexy and rich as fuck. There, I just advertised myself to the sexual market place. I told you everything is about mating strategy, even this blog post with my ghost puppet hat thing flashing at you.

I also found out Games Workshop did something good for once. Now I have to throw some money at them..
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Yesterday I did absolutely nothing constructive and yet worked towards my life goal.. what? For those unaware Hillary Clinton (Megacunt) gave a speech on the Alt right and Trump's connection to it yesterday. It had absolutely no substance but it got people trying to discuss the Alt right online so I joined in the discussion. I spent all day answering questions, pushing ideas and doing nothing constructive but "red pilling" people as it's known.

It's difficult to describe what the Alt right is exactly because it covers so many different groups but the best way to describe it is this. Bob lives in a room, he can see the left side of his room and the right side of his room, he calls that "left and right" and within his frame of reference he is correct. But Bob has never left his room, he doesn't know his room is on the left side of the house and that there are rooms in the right side of the house. The Alt right are ideologies not in Bob's room, ranging from 1488ers (Neo Nazis) to paelo conservatives to right wing libertarians. I would fit in with the Dark enlightenment, we believe the enlightenment was wrong and you can't build a society on it, but I share common ground with many groups and try not to punch them too much.

One problem you do have by being an actual rebel rather than a rebel in Bob's room is that it causes social martyrdom as I've pointed out previously. Most people have no interest in the truth, they simply believe what they do and want to have that confirmed. Any one intellectually honest is going to run foul of the propaganda people want to believe and end up having some very good but very few friends. One interesting idea people have is to try attending churches, after all Christians have got to behave themselves right? They must hold traditional ideas.. Yea and catholic school girls being known as sluts is completely fictional..

I want to get stuff done, I want to work on projects but my energy is being funneled into reading, consuming more knowledge and working through it. It's difficult to say if this is constructive compared to working with my hands and I'm torn between thinking I'm wasting my time and self improving.


Aug. 25th, 2016 11:28 am
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I usually try to avoid using other people's content to speak for me but I think Ramzpaul knocked it out of the park in his video explaining the Alt Right. He doesn't address the individual stances but the over all objectives. If you have 3 minutes spare I think you would greatly benefit from watching this video. It might help some understand where I am coming from when I make the posts I do.
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