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Yesterday I did absolutely nothing constructive and yet worked towards my life goal.. what? For those unaware Hillary Clinton (Megacunt) gave a speech on the Alt right and Trump's connection to it yesterday. It had absolutely no substance but it got people trying to discuss the Alt right online so I joined in the discussion. I spent all day answering questions, pushing ideas and doing nothing constructive but "red pilling" people as it's known.

It's difficult to describe what the Alt right is exactly because it covers so many different groups but the best way to describe it is this. Bob lives in a room, he can see the left side of his room and the right side of his room, he calls that "left and right" and within his frame of reference he is correct. But Bob has never left his room, he doesn't know his room is on the left side of the house and that there are rooms in the right side of the house. The Alt right are ideologies not in Bob's room, ranging from 1488ers (Neo Nazis) to paelo conservatives to right wing libertarians. I would fit in with the Dark enlightenment, we believe the enlightenment was wrong and you can't build a society on it, but I share common ground with many groups and try not to punch them too much.

One problem you do have by being an actual rebel rather than a rebel in Bob's room is that it causes social martyrdom as I've pointed out previously. Most people have no interest in the truth, they simply believe what they do and want to have that confirmed. Any one intellectually honest is going to run foul of the propaganda people want to believe and end up having some very good but very few friends. One interesting idea people have is to try attending churches, after all Christians have got to behave themselves right? They must hold traditional ideas.. Yea and catholic school girls being known as sluts is completely fictional..

I want to get stuff done, I want to work on projects but my energy is being funneled into reading, consuming more knowledge and working through it. It's difficult to say if this is constructive compared to working with my hands and I'm torn between thinking I'm wasting my time and self improving.


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